Push To Card

Push to Card payments allows businesses to facilitate real time payments directly to a recipient’s debit card or credit card, and can be fully customized with a tailored platform or fully integrated into your existing system to fit all your business payout needs.

Push To Card payments run on the ATM rails allowing money to be instantly sent to customers 24/7/365 with no blackout dates or times.  Sending funds to customers quickly is important and has been successful in building consumer loyalty and good will for brands.

Push To Card delivers low cost, real-time, fully integrated business disbursements, peer-to-peer (P2P) transfers, and B2B payments to fit all your business needs.

Send and Receive with Ease

Setup your recipient to receive funds with just an email. Once sent, it’s as simple as filling out your debit card or credit card details for your recipient to receive the funds. No bank account information is necessary, reducing the risk of fraud. 

Control and Compliance

Set up single or multiple payment parameters and controls to fit your business needs.  Risk controls that support regulatory compliance to velocity limits and more are all available on our easy-to-use platform.

Tailored to Fit Your Brand

Our Push To Card platform can be fully customized to fit your brand needs so you stay top of wallet and top of mind, or fully integrate via APIs for a seamless end user experience.

Real Time Tracking

Never lose track of a payment with real time authorization and confirmation of transaction success.

Speed is Everything

Avoid funding delays and deposit funds in real time with funds available in your recipient’s account within 30 minutes or less.

Stay Cost Effective

Push To Card is a low cost alternative for checks, ACH, and EFT, with half the administrative work and paid inmediatly.